Where and who

Who are weighted blankets for?

While weighted products benefit anyone on the autism spectrum or with a diagnosed mental health disorder that includes anxiety, these items can be a safe option for people suffering from stress or restless sleep. Lap blankets and shoulder wraps have been successful in helping children to increase their attention span and even improve hand-eye co-ordination, in some cases.

How to use your weighted blanket

It’s about that deep hug bringing a sense of calm, so use it on the couch if you need some peaceful downtime.

At night, cover your child with the weighted blanket to get them off to a good, sound sleep. This is good for anyone who battles with restless sleep.

It can also be used when your child needs a few moments to self-regulate as the weighted blanket brings a calm pause.

Caring for a weighted product

All of UnderWraps’ custom products are made to withstand daily use: extra care is taken with the designs, material, pellets and seams to ensure you get good use out of your item. Simple-to-follow washing instructions are included, and the design means that your weighted blanket can be used all through the year, in hot or cold weather.