School places their second order!

“The kids loved the vests so much that Disa Primary ordered more! They have arrived and we are very happy with them. Thank you for your excellent product and efficient service.”

Wonderful product and excellent service

I chose this blanket for my daughter and loved that I could do it in reversible plain colours – she loves her pink and grey. Under Wraps went out of their way to make sure the parcel was delivered to my Mom as we were in the process of moving. What excellent service!

Instantly calming

After meeting Under Wraps and actually using the samples on myself I was amazed at how instantly my body calmed just from putting on a shoulder wrap or a vest. I decided to invest in these products for my classroom as I have mainly older boys that don’t like hugging, but need that sensory input. I purchased a weighted vest for the class and now the boys are fighting over whose turn is next! I also purchase a lap pad for my mom who has restless leg syndrome and a shoulder wrap for my niece. I will definitely be ordering more weighted products from Under Wraps!

Now he sleeps well

“I bought the blanket for my son. He really struggles with sleep at night and I heard about weighted blankets when Under Wraps visited the school that I teach in and we got to see first-hand how weighted therapy works. My son absolutely adores his blanket and is sleeping so much better now!”

He loves his blanket!

“I bought the blanket for MY 5-year-old son, and loved the fact we could choose our own fabric. He absolutely loves his blanket. We are also thinking of buying a lap pad for when I collect him from school to use in the car.”

Adult body sock for peaceful camping

This client called in a panic needing a body sock for her adult daughter and it was for quite an unconventional reason: she battles with anxiety and she was going on trip that included camping. The client’s daughter used the body sock inside her sleeping bag to give her comfort from the long day of hiking, and also as a sensory shut-down after the long day. The body sock was a great success and works really well. Her daughter says she loves it and has done 3 trips now with her body sock!

Our blanket is a big success

This family were overseas when the blanket was delivered, but their house-sitter kindly kept it aside for when they came home. The blanket was the first thing unpacked when they arrived back and their son has been sleeping under it every night – he really seems to enjoy it. A success thus far!

Personalised, detailed and on time

This client was impressed at how Under Wraps customises their blankets for each child or adult, after giving the measurements needed and choosing the fabric. Also, within the timeline given the blanket arrived. “So happy with our blanket, Under Wraps!”

His vest is the best!

A Mom purchased a weighted blanket and vest for her 13 year old – he is Autistic with ADHD and wasn’t sleeping through the night. She wrote: “We are so excited and praying this will bring us all a full night’s sleep and a less anxious child”. When the parcel arrived her son was so excited he immediately put on the vest and he’s in love with it! Mom wrote afterwards to tell us: “The first night he put up a performance as he didn’t want to take it off before bath time. He is now wearing his vest for 2 hours a day.”

So good that she ordered another one!

Our client purchased a weighted vest and a blanket for her teenage son. The client was so excited after ordering that she couldn’t wait for her parcel to arrive! She says: “The vest has worked out very well as my son has been wearing it for studying”. She was so impressed with Under Wraps that she promptly ordered a blanket for her nephew.

The best surprise!

This client invested in a blanket for his girlfriend – he managed to get her measurements without her noticing and chose the fabric. He was delighted that her blanket was delivered directly to his workplace in time for the big surprise!

No more anxiety or sleeplessness

A well-known SA personality ordered an Under Wraps weighted blanket for daughter who struggles with sleep and anxiety. She is so happy with how the blanket turned out: “Thanks Under Wraps you guys are amazing!”

Combo deal equals combo success!

Our client bought a lap pad for school which is working well with sitting at the desk and doing activities. The blanket has helped with sleeping and restless legs. They loved that we could do a combo deal in the same fabric to make matched items.

Quality blankets aren’t just for children

“Thank you, Shelley, for my custom made adult sized weighted blanket. It’s heavenly! I also love the strength and durability of the material used, it really is a quality product.”

Giving good and personal service is our pleasure

 “I bought a weighted blanket for my daughters 30th birthday. Dealing with Shelley has been an absolute pleasure. Highly recommend.”

Blanket helps him sleep right through

Our client bought a blanket for her 2-and-a-half-year-old son. This was her response: “My son is really enjoying the blanket now, and he calls it his squishy blanky! I have seen a difference in the quality of his sleep – we actually had a full night’s sleep last night!”

Rest and relief!

It is amazing what my weighted blanket does. It’s even decreased my shivering from the medication I have to take. And the anxiety is a bit less (I have severe anxiety so I am happy with any improvement), and I actually feel much more rested after I sleep. My medication doesn’t make me that tired, so I can do what “normal” people can do around the house. I have really found hope again and I should have bought weighted blanket years ago!

I don’t think there are enough stars. For the first time I wake up energized even with the medication I am prescribed. My anxiety has decreased – I just feel calmer and the shivering in my body from medication and anxiety has decreased enormously.

Extra Special Vests!

Thank you very much for the weighted vests! I have issued two so far and the children love them! They think they are EXTRA special 🙂 Thank you for your efficient communication and service, I will definitely remain in contact should we require additional products from Underwraps

So glad I tried it out!

This clients son was in therapy with a Dr that had purchased a weighted blanket for her daughter, she lent it to her client for her son to try out just to see if he accepts it, he loved the weighted pressure from day one and wanted his own. After reviewing the fabric choices her son was adamant on the fabric he wanted and was so excited to know he would be receiving his very own blanket soon. He absolutely adores his new blanket, Thank you Under Wraps!

No more grinding teeth!

I bought my daughter (aged 8) a weighted blanket because she often grinds her teeth during the night. I wanted to see if the weighted blanket would stop the grinding.

My thoughts were that she might be grinding her teeth because she needs the deep pressure or she was grinding them because of anxiety. I know that a weighted blanket can help with either of these possible causes so I ordered a weighted blanket from Under Wraps.

Since sleeping with the blanket I have not heard her grinding her teeth and she says she wakes up more relaxed. I also feel that she is not as uptight in the morning rush as she used to be.

I will soon be ordering one for myself as I struggle with the same problem!

Thank you for the excellent service and support from the Under Wraps team. You have been so easy to order from and really informative.

“I am in heaven!”

This girl saved up for her weighted blanket. She initially had a lap pad and loved the weight so much that she asked Mum to help her save up for a blanket. Doing chores, collecting birthday and pocket money to contribute towards her very own special blanket, she was over the moon when her custom-made item arrived! Her first words: “I am in heaven!” She loves her blanket and takes it wherever she goes.

Shoulder wrap improves posture at work.

I love my shoulder wrap – absolutely delighted by receiving this wonderful product! My shoulder wrap really helps me with my posture, especially while sitting at the computer.

My weighted blanket was worth it!

“I contacted Under Wraps as I needed a weighted blanket for myself at home. I had a weighted blanket previously that I had purchased from another company, but it was too light. I arranged to pay my blanket off in 2 instalments which was so convenient for me and my budget. This also made me so excited to receive my blanket once it was paid off. I absolutely love my blanket! I have deeper sleep and feel rested the next day. I don’t think I will be able to sleep or relax without my special blanket!”

Awake or asleep, this weighted blanket works!

A 14-year-old boy who struggles with anxiety and sleep uses his blanket at home for relaxing as well as sleeping. He finds it helpful to use the blanket during the evening while unwinding before bedtime as this gives his body time to relax under the comforting weight which, in turn, helps him with falling asleep later.

Our weighted blanket even went on holiday with us!

My 6-year-old son struggles with sleeping and is quite restless at night. I loved the fact I could choose my own fabric, and he loved the camouflage print. We needed to take the blanket on holiday with us and Under Wraps really went over and beyond to get the blanket to us on time. My son absolutely loves his blanket, and he started sleeping with it immediately. We were so impressed at how beautifully this blanket is made!

A good night sleep

I struggled for years to get my daughter to sleep in her own bed. If I wasn’t lying next to her she would wake up every few hours throughout the night. After weeks of using her beautifully made, weighted blanket she not only goes to sleep on her own in her own bed, but she sleeps straight through the night without waking up at all!

A tremendous drop in anxiety levels

This client contacted Under Wraps to order a weighted blanket for her 11-year-old daughter who had been through a terrible time of bullying at school, ending up in hospital with an eating disorder. She is being cottage/home-schooled and is picking up weight, but she still has trouble falling asleep and some anxiety. After our blanket was delivered this was the feedback: read more.

Anxiety kept him from sleeping through

Can a weighted blanket help an anxious toddler turns into a happy sleeper?

Find out how it worked for this Mom: read more.

My toddler can't sleep through!

This client was referred by her daughter’s pre-school to find out about the benefits of weighted blankets and the appropriate age to introduce them. The child is a healthy and happy toddler, except for one thing: sleep. Unable to sleep for longer than 3 hours at a time, this mom had run out of options.

To find out more, read more.

Thanks so much for my sons weighted shoulder wrap. We love it!

Mom appreciated the personal touch and delivery on time of her son’s blanket. She absolutely adores it. THANK you so much Under Wraps! Her son loved the blanket from the start and uses the blanket not only to sleep with at night but whilst relaxing at home.

This mom bought the blanket for her son as a Christmas present from Santa, she chose the camo fabric as she has animals in the house and didn’t want the blanket getting dirty too quickly. Her son absolutely loves his blanket and it was a great surprise for Him. He uses the blanket to sleep with at night and also when he is resting on the couch. She will be ordering a shoulder wrap for her son to take with him to school.

Loved the personal touch and professionalism of Under Wraps, ensuring my blanket was delivered on time and checking on how my son was experiencing his blanket. My son said straight away that the blanket made him sleepy.

Many thanks Under Wraps, I do feel a big difference each morning when I wake up feeling rested for the day ahead. . I will definitely recommend to friends.

Testimonials 2016 – 2018.

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