About Us


Under Wraps was established in 2016, when my daughter (who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder) was struggling with quality sleep at night because she was waking up very early or taking hours to settle down.

I heard about weighted blankets and did some research on the benefits of these products. I then collaborated with a brilliant sewer and trusted friend who made a weighted blanket for my daughter so I could test the effects for myself. 

The result? 

She absolutely loved her blanket and the significant impact it made on her sleep life was phenomenal! To my surprise, this didn’t just stop at sleep – we saw first-hand how the blanket was used at home whenever she needed that extra bit of comfort and pressure. When struggling emotionally, she would always reach for her special blanket.

I started making a few weighted products for friends children and adults alike and eventually Under Wraps was born. Within just a year my market was growing an all through word-of-mouth. By research, I discovered that weighted products are also great reliever for general stress. 

Under Wraps is my heart and passion. I put everything into my business because of the amazing outcomes and impact it has on literally changing peoples lives. The best part of my week or my day is when I hear testimonies of how families are benefitting or how children are getting a solid sleep for the first time in a long time. That is what makes my job worthwhile!