We have a surprise for you!

It gives you the comforting compression of a hug, but without the weight, and you can’t kick it off during the night. Our latest product in development is the sensory compression blanket and for anxiety, broken sleep and anyone living with sensory processing disorder this is a breakthrough.

Sensory compression blankets are being used with great success in countries around the world, but this is the first time you can purchase one made to order in South Africa.

What is a sensory compression blanket?

The sensory compression blanket is different to a weighted blanket: it’s lightweight and made of polyester and spandex which gives a breathable item that stays in place while you’re sleeping. The blanket is wrapped around your mattress and it slips on like a stocking. Don’t worry about it being too tight – the top and bottom are open so you can stick your feet out and there’s perfect airflow.

Our sensory compression blankets can be used for kids or adults – for more details, watch this space!