Our Quality and Product Assurance

Quality Assurance

At Under Wraps we take pride in our workmanship. Each weighted product is not only made with love, but also with quality assurance. Our sewers are the best in the business, and we use superior fabric chosen for its durability, as well as being soft to sensitive skin.

Under Wraps’ products should not be confused with the usual woolly cover because our blankets are made with integrated deep touch technology that spreads pressure evenly over the body.

They are quilted and sewn into square sections creating pockets for the pellet filling which produces the extra weight and distributes it evenly over the entire length and width of the item.

Our blankets can be used during summer and winter.

High Quality product that will accompany you over years

How long does a weighted blanket last? The blanket is custom-made for the individual. For an adult, unless your weight changes dramatically, your blanket will last a good few years. Blankets for children may need to be replaced as the child grows in height and weight. With proper care, a blanket should last a few years before you need to get another one.

As we use recyclable plastic pellets, the blanket is clean, washable, and breathable. Also, it does not sensitise, irritate the skin or attract dust and mites.