Have you ever heard of the Hug Machine?

The Hug Machine (also known as the Squeeze Machine or Hug Box) was invented by Temple Grandin, an adult with autism. Temple built her own device after seeing how cattle being branded were calmed when they experienced pressure in the cattle chute. She knew that deep pressure helped to reduce her own severe anxiety – as a child she would tunnel under sofa cushions to settle her feelings of over-stimulation. Hugs from people helped, but they were either too tight or not tight enough, so Temple designed a device that could be adjusted.

While it may be difficult to own or store a Hug Machine, there are deep-pressure products that can bring the same calming relief to children and adults dealing with anxiety and sensory processing disorder – weighted blankets, vests and lap-pads are affordable, easy to maintain and readily available. To find out more, visit us at Under Wraps.

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