Caring for the Carer

Managing poor sleep patterns, restless legs, melt-downs and exhaustion: sometimes it takes everything you’ve got to cope with special needs. Take comfort in this: you are not alone and there are some effective non-invasive tools to make this easier.

Parents of children with special needs almost always find weighted blankets to be incredibly beneficial in calming their children and helping them to get the sleep their bodies need. But weighted products aren’t just for the kids! When you’ve had a rough day and you’re desperate for some relief, just close your eyes; take a deep breath and snuggle under your own weighted blanket.

Our weighted blankets regulate the proprioceptive system when it experiences sensory overload: the deep pressure of the blanket signals the brain through receptors in the skin, joints and muscle tissue and helps your body regulate itself. Give yourself the gift of deep and restful sleep so you have all the energy you need for the day.