My toddler can’t sleep through!

This client was referred by her daughters pre-school to find out about the benefits of weighted blankets and the appropriate age to introduce them.

“My daughter is a regular almost 2-yr-old busybody. She is healthy and happy for most of the day, apart from sleep time when she goes into a crying panic and doesn’t want me to leave her. The little independent girl turns into an “over dependant clinger” and wants to be held like a baby.

She’s a very restless sleeper and moves around like crazy, often hitting her head hard on the wall/cot in the process. The pre-school teacher also needs to sleep right next to her to get her to nap, as she will often wake up startled midway through the nap hour.

We have recently done a big move and she’s started pre-school, both of which create stress, but she only sleeps for a max of 2-3 hours at a time before waking up and crying/screaming at the top of her voice for me. She cannot self-soothe and if left alone, the crying works her up to a point where she is shaking and sweating. She can wake up anywhere between 2 – 5 times a night. This has been going on for a few months without ceasing, causing me to seek alternative options to help her.”

After receiving her custom made blanket from Under Wraps the client’s feedback was phenomenal:

“The blanket is a perfect match to her room! It didn’t take her long to take to her weighted blanket. I wait for her to be almost asleep and ask if she wants her blanket. When she nods her head, I tuck it around her and she gives me a smile and says “happy”. She has slept through the last 2 consecutive nights. I still come in half-way through the night and “reapply” the blanket, but she is tossing and turning less. I am so glad we bought it!”