Anxiety kept him from sleeping through

My 3-yr-old son was struggling to sleep through the night as he had a few anxiety issues and we had some household changes. I was told to get him a weighted blanket to help with this. To be honest, I thought it might be a bit “hug-a-tree”, but what could I really lose? So I contacted Shelley, gave her his age, weight and height. She let me choose which material I liked best, and I got it within the time-frame she told me.

I can honestly say that it has helped Nicholas so much. At first, he didn’t like the blanket, but after 3 nights of putting it on him before I went to bed, he now goes to sleep with it from the beginning and sleeps right through for 12hrs or more. I don’t understand the whole science behind it, but I am so happy to have found Shelley and her products. I can highly recommend her, for her service and products.”