Are you tired of broken sleep?

“That’s weird!” I think while researching weighted blankets for the Under Wraps website – I fully expect to see a spread of articles about the benefits for children on the autism spectrum, or kids battling with restlessness or anxiety, but I’m surprised to find so many adults writing about how weighted blankets are helping them to improve sleep and reduce their own anxiety.

We live in a rapidly-changing and stressful world, and healthy sleep is a clear casualty. While weighted blankets are not a substitute for therapy or prescribed medication, they’re definitely emerging as a useful complimentary tool in the fight for good sleep.

If you’re battling with broken sleep, not enough sleep or struggling to fall asleep, take a look at the article links below: a weighted blanket could make the all the difference. You can get a made-to-measure blanket in fabric of your choice from UnderWraps. To find out more, including patterns, prices and payment plans, visit the UnderWraps website.  

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